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Why Do You Write Wednesday

Not a traditional blog post, but, instead two links:

First, my writer friend, Andrea Cumbo of, has been so kind as to feature a new blog post from me on her website. So, you can follow this link to read my bloggy thoughts for today. The article is entitled, “Write about what has the potential to ruin your life.” Yes, it is an extra step, an extra click, but I think if you take a few minutes to look around Andi’s website and blog while you are there, you’ll become a fan of her, just as I am.

Second, another wonderful writer friend (and fellow MFA grad), Belinda Nicoll, is starting a serialized account of her MFA experience over at her blog, My Rite of Passage. I know a number of my incidental readers come to my blog in search of answers about pursuing an MFA, so I thought I would share this and encourage you to follow along as Belinda writes about the MFA experience.

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