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Your Book, Published.

If you already have a book-length manuscript ready for publication, and you would like to take advantage of modern, print-on-demand, self-publishing options but don't want to take the time and effort to "learn the ropes" of self-publishing, you might consider my Guided Self-Publishing Services.​

I will take your manuscript and turn it into a professional-grade published book.

Guided Self-Publishing packages include a full-color cover, final proofread, and typesetting and interior book design that meet publishing standards. You will have the option of hardcover or paperback, as well as an ebook option. And you will have the option to sell your book via retail outlets. (Copies purchased by the author will be at a discounted Author Rate.)

The package costs listed below are for typical books, based on word count. Additional options, such as photographs, full color interior, and multiple versions of the same book require a quote.

Sample Rates for Books

These rates are for books of various lengths, based on the basic parameters listed above.

You can find the word count of your manuscript using the "Show Word Count" option of your word processor.

If your project falls outside of the typical boundaries, I will work with you to provide you an accurate quote for pricing purposes.

Feel free to contact me for additional information.

15,000 Words

Approximately 60 pages


50,000 Words

Approximately 190 pages


22,000 Words

Approximately 85 pages


80,000 Words

Approximately 300 pages


30,000 Words

Approximately 115 pages


110,000 Words

Approximately 425 pages


Working with Me

My goal: Help you make your creative work the best it can be.

I have a dozen years of working with writers and other creatives of all ages, helping them develop their voice, improve their craft, and realize their artistic vision. I'd be happy to talk to you about your project. Email me, book a consultation, or check out the testimonials from others who have worked with me

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