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As an independent author, I rely on word-of-mouth publicity to sell books. I make between $2 and $5 per book sold, depending on where you buy them. To make something close to a living wage off of books sold, I would have to sell around 600 books per month.


I do not sell anywhere near 600 books per month.


If you would like to help an independent writer—whether me, or any other independent artist—please consider the following ideas:

  • Leave a rating and honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, and other book related websites. Reviews and ratings on Amazon are important for increased visibility and the possibility of more people buying the book.

  • Buy an extra copy (or 10!) to give as gifts. Maybe you know a school teacher who will find In Loco Parentis a good distraction from their own classroom woes. (Heck, buy a case of books for all the teachers of your child’s school! If the school is big enough, I’ll deliver the books myself!)

  • Suggest the book for your local book group. I’ll even meet with your book group, via video conference or in person, if possible. I love to talk about writing and literature.

  • Send a copy of In Loco Parentis to actress Shailene Woodley and encourage her to make and star in a film version.

  • Read the book descriptions for my other books and consider buying one of those as well.​

If you'd like to help by buying one (or more) of my books, you can use the links below to either buy on Amazon (from my book list page) OR you can purchase something from my website-exclusive store, including special, limited edition books you can only buy here at!

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