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The Self-Reclamation Project

After two years of feeling disconnected from myself and the world around me, I'm ready to reclaim my energy and recapture the creative, innovative spirit.

Join me, won't you?

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Eric Sheridan Wyatt is the author of three story collections (including The Blues and the Oranges, Oh This Becoming, and Five Stories) and one novella (…And a Good Woman, Too).

Eric's short fiction has appeared in New Plains Review, Ruminate, Saw Palm, Silk Road Review, and Spark, among others.


His writing is characterized by “compelling characters caught up in intriguing circumstances” and offers “lingering moments of introspection” contrasted with  “delightfully wistful humor.” 


In Loco Parentis is his first novel.


In Loco Parentis

A novel by

Eric Sheridan Wyatt 

available now!



Loco Parentis

Fifth-grade teacher, Grant Williams, is too preoccupied to fully enjoy his Myrtle Beach vacation. He is dissatisfied with his stalled career and truant love life, and he’s concerned about the failing health of his mentor and primary paternal figure. 


But at the forefront of his distracted daydreaming is the news that he will soon be teaching Adrian, the son of Lila Broussard—Grant’s middle school confidante and the most famous citizen of his hometown. Lila is a world-wide celebrity, and the resident starlet of Grant’s frequent “what might have been” sentimentality.


Returning to Ohio for the start of the school year, Grant reconnects with Lila, but he soon realizes that creating a new future is infinitely more complicated than reliving a falsely-idyllic past.


Grant attempts to juggle professional responsibilities with the potential of romance. This proves difficult when uncertainties linger about Adrian’s safety, and Grant can’t shake his suspicion that Lila is complicit in an ever-more-dangerous situation.


Forced to act boldly, Grant finds himself face-to-face with a threat beyond any he’s ever encountered, and a force more formidable than anything he has prepared for.

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