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One-on-one coaching and mentoring, to help you expand your creativity, increase your productivity or achieve that "Big Thing" project you've had on the back-burner for far too long...

For more than a dozen years, I've worked with writers, would-be writers, and other creatives to help them realize their creative, philanthropic, entrepreneurial, or other personal goals.

One-on-one mentoring and creativity coaching can help you as you work toward your individual vision. Think of it as personal training for your creative and intellectual life.

Coaching offered falls into four categories:

General Creativity: Including fiction, non-fiction, and other creative endeavors. I'll help you refine your vision, chart your path, adapt and adjust to inevitable change, and generally work toward your creative goals with purpose and intention.

Direct Instruction: I will work with you to facilitate a one-on-one version of the various writing, literature, and creative courses I have offered over the years, including: Fiction Basics, Intermediary Fiction Craft, Editing and Revision, Elements of Storytelling for Non-Fiction (General), Legacy/Biography/Memoir writing.

BIG THING Coaching: Helping you pursue that Big Thing project one step at a time with planning, monitoring, mentoring, advising, support, and accountability.

Expressive Writing/Deep Writing/Self-Reclamation: Ready to dig deeper and uncover layers of your story you didn't even know existed? Deep writing coaching includes Writing Out Loud mentoring and advising, guided expressive writing exercises, feedback and analysis of your writing, and support/advice/counsel throughout the sometimes-difficult process of finding your authentic self through the power of the written word.

Mentoring and coaching rates.

One-to-one mentoring and coaching provided via video conference, or in person in the Greater-Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Area.

If you are interested in coaching or mentoring services, please email me using the link below.

One-on-One (Hourly, no package)

Whatever you want to talk about, whenever you want to talk. Billed hourly. (Availability subject to reasonable constraints.)

$60.00 Per Hour.


One meeting hour per month, with Weekly Email check-ins to monitor progress and answer questions.

$80.00 Per Month.

Monthly BASIC

Two meeting hours per month, with Weekly Email check-ins to monitor progress and answer questions.

$140 Per Month

Monthly Complete

WEEKLY one-hour meeting, plus UNLIMITED Response Add-On (below) for email response within six hours (8a to 10p)

$200.00 Per Month

Add Ons

Premium Services can be added to the coaching packages above.

Critique Add On

In addition to your monthly coaching services, the Critique Add On allows you to submit a manuscript for critique.

Limited and Basic can submit a manuscript of up to 5,000 words, monthly, for the added cost of $30.

Complete can submit TWO manuscripts up to 6,000 words each, monthly, for an additional $60 monthly.

Unlimited Response

In addition to the meeting hour(s) and email check ins, I will be available to answer additional questions or concerns with this add on.

I will respond to your email (or chat) requests within six hours, during normal business days, between the hours of 8am and 10pm.

Additional cost: $30 monthly.

This add on is included in the COMPLETE package.

Rapid Response

Similar to the Unlimited Response, I will reply to emails and text/chats within two hours, during regular world days, between the hours of 8a and 10p.

Additional cost: $50 per month.

Working with Me

My goal: Help you make your creative work the best it can be.

I have a dozen years of working with writers and other creatives of all ages, helping them develop their voice, improve their craft, and realize their artistic vision. I'd be happy to talk to you about your project. Email me, book a consultation, or check out the testimonials from others who have worked with me

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