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Editing and Critique Services

Writing is a solitary activity, but as a writer, I know how important it is to receive feedback from a trusted reader. When creating, we become so immersed in our creative work, it is sometimes hard to know if we are actually communicating what we are trying to share in the most effective way.

If you have a completed manuscript you would like to polish, or if you have an ongoing project you think would benefit from feedback, I offer two types of critique and editing services. My areas of expertise are in Fiction—including short stories, story collections, and novels—and Narrative/Creative Non-Fiction—including memoir, autobiography, non-fiction essays, and non-fiction aimed at a general audience.


(I am willing to discuss the suitability of my services for more formal or academic non-fiction works.)

Details and Pricing

Critique/Content Edit​

The critique has one goal: To help you understand what is working with your manuscript, what could be improved, and how it could be developed or made better. The critique is based on a deep reading of your work, with a keen eye for helping you revise your work to make it the best it can be. You will come to understand the reader's perspective of your work, and I will identify ways to improve and refine your writing. (Critiques will include identification of obvious grammar, spelling, and other typographical errors, but it is not a line edit.)

Line Edit/Proofreading

The proofreading stage comes when you have a manuscript you are happy with, and are ready to have a fresh set of eyes help you eliminate errors and standardize the text for consistency. As a writer who has finished a manuscript, you have likely read and re-read your own work so many times, you may not see the errors that remain. A line-edit will help you eliminate the red-flag errors that unconsciously cause readers to doubt your work.


Pricing for either service is based on the length of the work being considered. Please see the formatting requirements below.

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Short Manuscript

For manuscripts of twelve (12) pages* or less, a flat fee rate is in effect.

Critique will include a one- to two-page, detailed response to your work.


Line edit will include a "save changes" version of your manuscript in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages format, along with margin notes.

Flat Fee Cost: $42.00

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Medium Manuscript

For manuscripts of thirteen (13) to sixty (60) pages*, the price is calculated per page.

Critique will include a two- to three-page, detailed response to your work, along with a "save changes" version of the manuscript with margin notes and some basic proofreading.


Line edit will include a "save changes" version of your manuscript in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages format, along with margin notes.

Cost: $4.00 per page

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Long Manuscript

For book-length work that exceeds sixty (60) manuscript pages* the price is calculated per page.

Long Manuscript critique will include a three-page written response, plus a marked-up "save changes" version of the manuscript in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, and a one-hour consultation.

Line edit includes a "save changes" version of your manuscript in Word or Pages, margin notes, and a brief pre-edit consultation AND a half-hour post-project consultation.

Per Page Cost: $3.65

Working with Me

My goal: Help you make your creative work the best it can be.

I have a dozen years of working with writers and other creatives of all ages, helping them develop their voice, improve their craft, and realize their artistic vision. I'd be happy to talk to you about your project. Email me, book a consultation, or check out the testimonials from others who have worked with me

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*What is a PAGE?

For the purposes of counting pages for critique and editing services, please note that a "manuscript page" must follow the following standard formatting guidelines:

  • The FONT should be set to Times New Roman at font size 12

  • The margins should be set to 1" on all four sides

  • The paragraph indent should be set to 1/2" (and ideally should not be a "tab" indent)

  • The line spacing should be set to "double space"

Manuscripts should be submitted in either Microsoft Word or Apple Pages format. (PDF files will be printed, marked up, and returned in physical format, rather than electronically.)

Manuscripts that do not meet the requirements above will be re-formatted and charged a $5.00 fee. The total cost will be calculated based on the re-formatted pages.

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