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If you wish to buy regular editions of the books from Amazon, you can use the links below.

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In Loco Parentis

A Novel

Fifth-grade teacher, Grant Williams, is too preoccupied to fully enjoy his Myrtle Beach vacation. He is dissatisfied with his stalled career and truant love life, and he’s concerned about the failing health of his mentor and primary paternal figure. 


But at the forefront of his distracted daydreaming is the news that he will soon be teaching Adrian, the son of Lila Broussard—Grant’s middle school confidante and the most famous citizen of his hometown. Lila is a world-wide celebrity, and the resident starlet of Grant’s frequent “what might have been” sentimentality.


Returning to Ohio for the start of the school year, Grant reconnects with Lila, but he soon realizes that creating a new future is infinitely more complicated than reliving a falsely-idyllic past.


Grant attempts to juggle professional responsibilities with the potential of romance. This proves difficult when uncertainties linger about Adrian’s safety, and Grant can’t shake his suspicion that Lila is complicit in an ever-more-dangerous situation.


Forced to act boldly, Grant finds himself face-to-face with a threat beyond any he’s ever encountered, and a force more formidable than anything he has prepared for.

This is a collection to be savored and read often as each time around brings new insights. -Amazon Reviewer

The Blues and the Oranges

A Collection of Short Fiction

Eric Sheridan Wyatt’s story collection, The Blues and the Oranges, features eight stories populated with the varied and complex characters readers have come to expect from the author: A teenage girl, fenced in by her life at a car impound lot dreams of freedom; an old man approaches the twilight of a lonely life as he remembers a long-lost, might-have-been love; a veterinarian cries every time he euthanizes a pet and wonders if he’s chosen the right career; a former pro baseball pitcher fantasizes about raising chickens; a little person mourns the loss of agency—and income—after a band of “concerned citizens” decide his job is too humiliating.

Despite their differences, each of Wyatt’s captivating characters shares the suspicion that something fundamental is missing from their lives. In the effort to fill their perceived missing piece, these characters struggle toward some more-authentic self. 

Sometimes these characters fall for yet another false hope: The open road, a change of career, a new location, yet another not-quite-love. Occasionally—and despite misguided efforts—they stumble into something more.

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Wyatt writes with a quick wit and a wry voice. It’s one that deserves a wider audience . . .  -Amazon Reviewer

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...and a good woman, too.

A Novella,

and an homage to Flannery O'Connor

June has lived a life of poverty and isolation, since the age of seven. Now nineteen, she longs to see the world, but finds herself entangled in a dangerously imbalanced relationship, and trapped in a booming Florida neighborhood where she is an obvious outsider.

Emily Winchester is a cosmopolitan girl, disappointed to find herself stuck in Florida after dropping out of college. Dependent on her wealthy parents—and the older men she manipulates at the local night club—Emily craves adventure and dreams of freedom and empowerment that is hard to come by for a young female in the 1960s.

Hiram—an escaped convict, thief, and thug—is the unlikely conduit to bring these two young women together. He has big plans for turning his life around and making up for his history of missteps and misfortune.


But Hiram’s legacy of hurt and harm has a way of drawing everyone around him into a vortex of chaos and violence.

His understanding of character makes for very moving stories, the kind one gets lost in. He's not a whitewasher or sentamentalist, but his stories express a deep empathy for the human condition. -Amazon Reviewer

Oh, This Becoming

A Fiction Triptych,

Told in Reverse

When Cassie heard Wade’s voice on the phone, her response was immediate. “Not now, Wade.”


This isn’t what Cassie had imagined. Her marriage has dissolved. Her body has betrayed her. Approaching mid-life, she is alone and unsure, seeking a path through the grief, the disappointment, the sickness of body and soul.


Her life has been shaped by the actions of others, circumstances beyond her control, and self-inflicted wounds.


To her irritation, Cassie has become the kind of woman who tells her musician husband, “We can’t afford the luxury of dreams!”


Who she is still becoming will be the unveiling of all she was destined to be.

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In Five Stories, Eric Wyatt shines a sometimes gentle, sometimes poignant and sometimes cutting light on his characters and their circumstances. The reader is pulled into the stories through his adept writing as well as his astute observations. -Amazon Reviewer

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Five Stories

The first five published stories by author Eric Sheridan Wyatt, printed together for the first time.

From the Forward:

These early stories found homes. Someone, somewhere thought enough of them to select them from among dozens, maybe even hundreds of other stories.


An editor, whether under the influence of my words—or, more likely, some controlled substance—selected these stories to print and present to the world.

Looking back, with several other publications under my belt in the years since these stories were created, I can see a number of holes, a long laundry list of things I would change, if I were writing these stories today.

But, I won’t. I will give them to you, dear reader, in the same general form they were handed to editors: You can decide if you would have made the decision to publish.

This workbook is specifically designed for people who have wanted to write about their experience of life, but don't quite know how to get started. With this workbook, and a pen, you can start writing the story of YOU!

Your Legacy of Words

A Workbook

When my grandmother died and I was asked to give her eulogy, I had, in my possession, one of her Bibles. In the margins of that Bible, she had written several things: words of wisdom, take-away points from some sermon or another, personal exclamations. In addition to that Bible, I also have several recipe cards, written in her sometimes-unsure script. These relics are precious; they are more valuable than a priceless antique or an original Monet. I am happy to have them.


What I don't have, are her stories-those stories she would tell after dinner, or while she was stringing beans, or sewing-those stories that would pass on to me the beliefs, values, and experiences that had shaped her life. I cherish the few pieces of her story that remain, and I long for more. Ultimately, whether the writing you do in response to this Legacy of Words Workbook is done for your own benefit, or you plan to pass these words on to someone else, what you are committing to do is leave "just a little more" of yourself behind.


All of these books can also be ordered through your local independent bookseller, or any other retail book outlet of your choice. I make less commission this way, BUT it helps support the important presence of indy bookstores.


Ask the owner to search for my name (include the middle name to narrow the field) and you should be able to find any of these titles.

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