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Below you will find some testimonials of writers, editors, and others I have worked with over the years. If you are a current or former student or client who would like to add to this list, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly. It is always a nice thing to have positive feedback. I appreciate these kind words...



Eric is a born teacher—enlightening, encouraging, and insightful. He’s also a gifted editor, able to analyze the structure of a work as well as its detail. It’s an inspiring combination, one well worth engaging.

Eric taught several writing classes that I attended and he is one of the most innovative, inspiring, and knowledgeable teachers I have had.  As my editor, he excels in his critiques and insights to create improvements in voice, composition, and  offers positive suggestions for concise structural writing. His breadth of writing expertise is highly visible in his own published works. Eric is a truly gifted writer/teacher who gives 100% in whatever he does.

  • Jean Muccini Thompson - Florida

I have always been an avid reader but it wasn’t until I attended Eric Wyatt’s class that I learned how to appreciate literature and read like a writer. Since then I’ve taken many more seminars and critiquing sessions with Eric. He prepares for every class/meeting so thoroughly that you rise to match his standard and as a result benefit.

  • Lynn Purple - Florida

I have an MFA but took a break from writing for several years. Taking a course from Eric Wyatt was wonderful. Not only did he kick start me into writing again, but he provided fabulous critiques and suggestions which took my fiction to another level. I credit him with helping get one of my short stories published. I’ve greatly benefited from his critiques and his advice for several years and plan to do so for many more years to come.

  • George Thomas - Florida

In my experience with college, graduate, and post-graduate professional levels of instruction, Eric is in the top tier of instructors.

He is obviously well-prepared for his classes and his in-depth knowledge of the material is exceptional, and provides his students with an extensive and inspiring exposure to myriad aspects of writing and reading literature. He is respectful of students' goals, yet his critiques are insightful of their writing weaknesses and strengths in substance and structure, thus invariably improving their work. 

  • Linda Ress, author of Crying Days - Florida (and Indiana)

I am so grateful for your insights into ways my novel could be improved. Before your help, I was lost in my own words and thoughts. You helped me focus on what was worth keeping as well as to accept the changes that would improve my writing. Your honest and insightful encouragement were invaluable to me. Thank you.

  • Anna James - Charleston, WV

 Each and every time I received a writing critique from Eric, his comments have been smart, insightful, and challenging.

After taking his direct advice on a piece, I received a local first place writing award, and I am certain that I would not have achieved this success without his input. He has a definite pulse on what works in writing and what doesn't, and he is able to communicate this clearly and effectively in an encouraging way that is easy for a writer with a delicate ego to receive.

More than all of this, Eric is one of the hardest working editors/writers I know. He has the discipline and drive necessary to work within a self-imposed schedule, and as a result produces amazing work.

Eric is a rare mix of someone who can actually write as well as teach, and it was an honor working with him at Queens.


  • Catherine J. Carmichael - Ashville, NC

 I worked with Eric Wyatt during my second residency and semester in which we exchanged, read and critiqued our peers' fiction submissions. Not only did Eric's contributions to our peer group enhance the basic low-residency experience, his feedback directly contributed to the long-term improvement of my writing skills.

Overall, Eric is intelligent and brings keen insight and generous feedback to each submission period. His own work reflects his mastery of language, essential craft elements and scope of imagination. In story critiques Eric provides a clear summary of the work, a deep exploration of how the story succeeds certain craft elements, as well as suggestions on how to bring the story into its best form and truest voice. He has a great ear for rhythm in a work. His sense of humor is wonderful and is always welcome to lighten what can often be a too-serious focus on storytelling. He reminds us to learn the rules, then have fun in writing fiction.

During our semester together, Eric went beyond the low-residency's standards by pro-actively setting up and facilitating a virtual monthly classroom discussion. This improved our personal connections as a group through the semester. We also regularly kept in touch via social media to maintain emotional support in our writing circle.

At a personal level, Eric is a well disciplined writer and teacher. He writes every day--producing new stories, revising, maintaining his blog and business--which is an inspiration. Eric followed up with me after the semester and we continue to talk about writing, craft and publishing. He is genuinely interested in and supportive of his peers' work beyond the required semester and this creates a supportive writing community.

Eric's gentle manner and sense of humor, combined with his insightful critiques and his challenging teaching style go beyond the essential requirements for an instructor.


  • Heidi Moore - Plattsburgh, New York

His critiques all encompassed a range of feedback, from line edits suggesting word choice and word placement to the "big picture"--thematic intention and the overall impact of my work. He was thorough and knowledgeable and (yikes) honest. But most importantly, he gave practical suggestions to take my work to the next level.


  • Andi Cumbo - Fork Union, Virginia

I have had the privilege of hearing Eric Wyatt's wisdom about writing for many months now, particularly in our online discussions about writing. His insight about writing and writing practice is always sound, practical, and inspiring. Even though I've been writing for many years, I find myself taking his advice quite often. In particular, his knowledge of writing tools and strategies gives me new ways to broaden and deepen my work. I highly recommend Words Matter Creative Writing Instruction.


  • Erika Chambers, Editor In Chief, Pass It On Publications

I had the opportunity to work with Eric Wyatt while compiling the book, Can My Marriage be Saved? True Stories of Saved Marriages, for Pass It On Publications. While Eric's contribution to the book was non-fiction, his writing style maintained a novel-like quality. His words effectively created both vivid mental images and a powerful emotional tone. In addition to being a gifted writer, I found Eric to be timely, dependable and easy to work with. Can My Marriage be Saved? has sold more than 10,000 copies to date, and we have received nothing but high praise for Eric's creative contribution to the work.


  • Wes Fryer

Eric is an extremely knowledgeable, dependable, and motivated person. He maintains high standards of personal integrity, and is someone who can be trusted to take the initiative in projects and see them through to completion.


  • Chris R

Eric routinely surprises me with knowledge and ability I didn't know he had. He places strong emphasis on growing personally. He also has unwavering focus on the details of whatever project he has worked with me. I consider him a strong asset to my network.


  • Pam Stigall, Independent Public Safety Professional

Eric's list of business talents are too long to list in such a short space, but he is an extremely intelligent individual with a unique talent for being able to look at a situation from all angles, analyze it, and find solutions you never thought about.


  • Kevin Klee

His ability to combine humor with learning created a relaxed environment for the students to free-up their thinking skills and open their minds to the concepts that were being introduced. Few people have shown the level of care and love for accomplishing what is best for students than what I have seen from Eric.


  • Matthew Crow, Owner, Leighton Creative Visual Communications

Eric does an outstanding job writing for my clients. As a wordsmith, Eric captures ideas creatively. Great to work with.


  • Dr. Anne Roat, Director, Pastoral Office for Adult Catechesis, Lafayette, Indiana

Eric is a dedicated professional who has a passion for his work... Eric is a gifted writer.

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