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Letters to Me: Available Now

As I mentioned last week, today is the official launch day of a new book, Letters to Me: Conversations With a Younger Self. About half-way through the book, you’ll stumble across my name, and my letter to a younger Eric in which I try to give him a little advice about the long transition into adulthood. (Spoiler alert: He doesn’t listen.)

I’m very happy to have been asked by the book’s editor, Dan Schmidt, to be a part of this project. The other contributors come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, but in each of their stories I find some head-nodding moment, some brief recognition of, “Yes, I wish I’d known that back then.” Even more intriguing, are those moments of clarity that are not just things I wish my younger self had known, but inspire and motivate me, today. Yes. Even the OLDER me can find value in this book.

The target audience for this book is those who are making the transition from teenager or college student into the adult world and for those love and care for young adults. But, knowing my own life–my own path of nearly constant change and adaptation–I’ve found there are nuggets of wisdom for anyone who is facing an uncertain future, seeking their place in the world, and struggling to understand their role in the Big Picture of life.

<img class="size-full wp-image-1172 lazyload" title="ltm-cover3" alt="" src="" height="722" width="474" /> The new book, Letters to Me: Conversations With a Younger Self, is available today in both print and ebook editions. I’m very happy to have been asked to be a contributor to this book.

The e-book (Kindle) edition of Letters to Me is selling for $4.99 and the paperback (print) edition is $12.99.

From the back cover:

A broken heart, a new job, an unexpected pregnancy, a confrontation, a win, a setback—not uncommon experiences when you’re between 18 and 30. But what if you could talk to yourself just when that was happening, in the light of everything since: what would you say? With LETTERS TO ME, you can listen in as artists, teachers, poets, consultants, bloggers, pastors, and activists from a wide range of backgrounds recall a significant event—and then speak to a younger version of themselves with compassion and wisdom about what it means, and how it mattered.

What folks are saying:

I’ve often wished I could go back and have a strong talking to with my younger, more idiotic self. These stories are funny, heartfelt, and important. Reading them will make you think and imagine a better life — maybe even give you the courage to live one.—Jeff Goins, author, Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life The talent of these storytellers is revealed in how universal their personal stories are. In their stories you will experience agony and joy, pain and healing, fall and redemption. -Adam S. McHugh, author Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture One of the most unnerving, unsettling things one can do in life is stare at themselves in the mirror – eye to eye. Letters To Me is the sacred chance to witness person after person pause their present as they stand naked in the mirror, facing everything they’ve been and everything they’ve done. To listen to what they hear in their souls, to see their past as they truly do. Oh, how I wish I’d been given this collection of stories earlier in my life. The entrance into adulthood would have been painted with so much more grace. -Lauren Lankford Dubinsky, founder of Good Women Project

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