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Weekly Roundup: What you missed?

Thanks to some fabulous Twitter folks and the Creative Writing MFA Blog, this has been a stellar week here on the Stories I Read, Stories I Tell blog. Lot’s of great traffic and discussion focused on my post, To MFA, Or Not.

I wanted to re-cap the other posts from the week, and hope to deflect a little of the spotlight on those posts as well.

  1. I tracked down some good deals at Amazon for music to write by.

  2. I offered up a combined exercise for fiction writers and legacy/personal history writers, focused on first loves and lost loves.

  3. I talked a little about writer’s building their online “personal brand” and not waiting until you need a blog, to start blogging.

Thanks so much to everyone for a record-breaking week. I really do appreciate all of the great emails and comments.

Have a great weekend. I’ll be back next week, ready to go!

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