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This is NOT a Resolution…

A blog for writers…

That’s what my simple mind came up with…A blog for writers. More specifically, I thought I would review and feature short fiction from various literary mags (current fiction) and favorite authors (the old stuff). Short fiction is a form I’m intrigued by and one I attempt, frequently. It is a love. I thought it would be easy to write about a love…

But I’ve failed to actually keep up with a consistent blog about short fiction, not because I’m not spending time reading it, rather, I’ve failed to set aside specific time to write about what I’m reading.

That changes today.

When I went to Queens for my THIRD RESIDENCY, and fellow writers asked the standard question one writer asks another (“How is your writing going?”) I realized my answer (“Good!”) while true, required a qualifier. “Good,” I said, “But I don’t feel I’ve been sufficiently productive.”

So, I took an honest look at my use of time, and I found that while I have produced a fair amount of quality material the last six months, I’ve fallen short of the potential, mostly due to a lack of “time on task”. I have a lot I want to write about, and I’m changing my work patterns to make that happen.

(You have to actually WRITE to be able to say, “I have written…”)

Some of the fruits of this “new pattern” should be visible here, on the blog. Most of it will be directed toward ongoing and new projects: There are a number of BIG THINGS brewing, and I’m excited to be focusing on them. Look for some changes here on the blog. I’ll still review some short fiction, but I find myself also drawn to other topics of interest for writers, and I’m going to stop self-censoring and just write.

I hope you’ll find something of interest in the ramblings to come…

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