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The Path Ahead

One of the exciting, and scary, things about turning the page on another chapter in life is the way the world sort of opens up, for a minute. There are all of these paths to take and decisions have to be made along the way.

For the last two years (plus a few months, truth be told) I’ve been living in a paint-by-numbers world. The MFA program isn’t dauntingly structured. It isn’t like I didn’t enjoy (almost) every minute of it. But, to be fair, a degree program is supposed to be structured. It’s one of the drawing points for the writer who is stuck, stagnant, needing a boost. (Though, really, writers hate to admit structure is a POSITIVE force in art…but that’s a rant for a different post.)

Now, here I am, with so many different opportunities. Some of the ways forward are very traditional. Other options swirling around my mind aren’t so ordinary.

But, no matter my path, let me tell you this: I intend to write. A lot.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll begin to explore with you, dear reader, some of the ways I want to move my writing and my teaching forward.

It’s time for the next phase of the journey. Thanks so much for coming along with me!

Happy Monday, and Happy Writing!

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