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Sick of Sickness

Yes, this will be a little whiny. Sorry, in advance.

My wife, Cami, came home from a five-day cruise last week with three days left of Spring Break. We had planned to go to the beach, go explore a state park, and maybe even try to get a sailing or kayaking day in. Instead, she progressed from “sniffly” to “blah” to “feverish” to “asleep for 14 hours straight.

She was feeling well enough to go back to work on Monday, but by then, my allergies were starting to kick in. I’ve been hovering in that “no-man’s land” of just sick enough to be sluggish and disoriented, but not sick enough to really feel too bad about myself. It could be a lot worse.

But this lingering “blah-ness”, combined with the fact I’ve not slept for more than two hours at a time for the last four days has certainly disrupted what started out as a really solid writing week.

I had a deadline to meet today, and I met it, but I hope I don’t look back at the cover letter that was requested (as a key component for applying to a writing/educational opportunity I’m really excited about) and think, “Oh, man…that was the Benedryl talking…”

I hope things are a little better in your slice of the world.

On a brighter note, here is a photo of the sailboat Cami and I purchased and are learning to sail on. She is just a hair over 25 feet (a Columbia 7.6m, to be precise) and we’ve been out on her a couple of times with her (now former) owner. We are docked at the St. Pete municipal pier and are looking forward to spending some time in Tampa Bay this spring and summer.

(According to the BMV, she’s a “classic” because she’s older than 30 years, AND she’s classified as a YACHT…so I can now sit around the Country Club with Worthington Bottomtooth and brag about cruising in my Classic Yacht…)

I blogged a little about “Making Your Some Day TODAY” a while back, and mentioned there that sailing has long been one of the items on my “some day” list. I’m happy to have taken another step toward making that a reality.

Have a great evening, and Happy Writing!

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