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Making the Most Of It

There are long expanses of time when I can write all day, every day, any day. I’m blessed in that way.

Unfortunately, I waste that time on occasion. Free to write, but not disciplined enough to actually do it.

And then, there are weeks when I’ve committed to other things (including subbing three days, having the cable company out to sort out some problems, meeting with a potential tutoring client or two, etc.) and I have a very limited window and yet, I find the time to write a scene or two, start a new story, work on an ongoing project.

That happened to me this morning. I’m subbing today (theater and stage makeup classes) and I had first period free. I had to bring Cami to school, anyway, so I sat in the classroom, alone, for a little over two hours. I did my morning journal and then began to write a story that had come to me during the drive across the Manatee river this morning.

It is a short-short story. Just under a thousand words, for now, with a goal of keeping it under 1500 words. But, there it is. I took the time I’d been given and made it work.

Sometimes, I think I have a great opportunity to write and the freedom to do it on my terms, and that is true. Even when I squander the opportunity, I’m still very blessed to have the time I do.

But, the truth is, even if you only have an hour or two, here and there, you can accomplish a lot. And, maybe, those stolen hours are more precious, somehow, more productive.

Even if your life is busy, find an hour or two and let the words take you away.

Happy writing.

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