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Friendly Friday: Kelly Fordon’s Poetry Chapbook

My friend and fellow Queens University of Charlotte MFA writer, Kelly Fordon, has a poetry chapbook available for purchase.

Those of you who know me well know that I’m not GREAT with the poetry slice of the creative writing pie. It is one area where I feel least-able to offer critique or even respond beyond a, “Hey, I kinda like that one.”

But, this is a book of poetry that I’ll be ordering. Why?

For one, Kelly is a friend, and I want to support her work.

Beyond that, though, I know that Kelly’s writing is solid and I’m really looking forward to reading her poetry. Kelly has a keen eye and a way with words, and I’m sure that will translate into poetry in the same way it does in her fiction.

On the Street Where We Live, by Kelly Fordon, available now.

The book is entitled, On the Street Where We Live, and it was the winner of the 2011 SRCA Second Open Poetry Chapbook Competition. The website describes the collection this way:

In Kelly Fordon’s haunting, real-to-life, darkly humorous collection, you will travel through a local cul-de-sac neighborhood filled with cupcake houses, white picket fences, and the sudden dead ends, glossy false appearances, and dark shadows that reside On the Street Where We Live.

You will recognize the neighbor that tells too much, the one who keeps the secrets that should never be kept, and that one who has it all perfectly together (as well as the ones who definitely do not, no matter how they might pretend).

You’ll even witness the children at play—and at risk. Familiar life occurrences like marriage, lovelessness, birth, growth, and loss will all make appearances, but often here, these evolutions occur in startlingly unexpected and subtly emotional—sometimes darkly punchy—ways.

In one sleek volume, Fordon creates the neighborhood that you saw and instantly wanted to move into—as well as the one you fought like mad to escape and survive.

Thanks, dear blog readers, for another amazing week. New people stopped by, several of you subscribed to the blog, and I am so thankful for each and every eye that grazes theses pages.

Have a great weekend. Happy Writing!

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