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Friendly Friday: Friends and Fellow Writers

On Fridays on Twitter there is a tradition known as “Follow Friday” where Tweeters (or Tweeps) share the names of people they follow and find worthy of a special mention. Here, on my blog, I try to put up a “Friendly Friday” post from time to time, featuring my friends, co-writers, and literary acquaintances in the hopes of helping readers connect with new writers.

I have several friends and fellow writers from my Queens Universtiy MFA program who have work available on Amazon, so I thought, why not feature a few of them on the blog today.

Now, a word of warning: These folks are writing all sorts of fiction. This stuff is all over the map stylistically and thematically.

Of course, the nice thing about the Amazon store is that MOST of these books have comprehensive descriptions AND a few pages to read before you buy, so, read through, see if you find something in your wheelhouse (or, something that might stretch your fiction muscles a bit) and go from there!

  1. Sheila Lamb: Once a Goddess – “Two tribes battle for control of ancient Ireland, and Brigid must find her place among them, trapped between the will of her people and the desires of her heart…Set in a time when myths were reality, Once A Goddess brings the legend of Ireland’s magical Túatha dé Danann to life.”

  2. Hobie Anthony: Silverfish – “Enter the world of Silverfish, where a young man attempts to discover his identity amidst a world of increasing isolation and horror…With taut language and gritty description, readers will be enveloped into this tale of horror, romance, and ultimate redemption. This novella is intended for mature audiences who enjoy finely-crafted fiction.”

  3. Carla Damron: Two Mysteries – “Carla Damron writes with wisdom, heart and deft hand at building suspense, but mostly she writes about characters any one of us could become.” (Pamela James, The Writers Room Magazine)

  4. Jon Nappa: Storm Warriors – “Somewhere off the coast of England, Lionel Lukin and his family fight for their lives. Caught in the crosshairs of a violent storm, their small ship is quickly slipping beneath the crashing waves. Lionel is miraculously washed to shore, only to discover that his wife and son are lost at sea.”

  5. David Scott Hay: Fountain– “David Scott Hay has done a something incredible – an artful book about an arty subject that doesn’t drop into pretension. ‘FOUNTAIN’ is an affecting story about tough, interesting people who hold beauty up like Achilles’ shield against a very real, very bitter, and oddly funny world. A must for fans of sharp tongues and sharp writing.” (Darren Callahan, THE WHITE AIRPLANE and HORROR ACADEMY: TWO PLAYS)

  6. Jeremy Rice: Keep That Good Spirit On Ya – “It’s punk with a heart. Filled with insightful slices, snippets, vignettes, and whole stories about this messy fever called living.” (David Scott Hay)

My bloging was a little slow this week…I’ve spent a lot of my energy on some deep editing of a couple of stories this week, and while I’m really happy with the results, I’m also exhausted, mentally. (Editing is so much tougher than writing the initial drafts of a story…although, maybe if I get better at drafting, that won’t always be the case.)

Anyway, I intend to be back next week with a full plate of bloggy goodness. Have a good weekend, folks. Happy Writing!!

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