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Friendly Friday, Folks: Belinda Nicoll

Belinda Nicoll is a Columbus, Ohio-based (with a globe-trotting background) writer & creativity coach, and she is a lovely, kind, and generous writerly friend.

Belinda and I have never worked together, but in our circle of Queens University compatriots, Belinda’s writing and critiques come highly recommended.

From our conversations and exchanges, I know that Belinda is one of the folks I’d enjoy working with. If I was stuck, and looking for some editorial assistance, Belinda would be on my short list of “who to turn to.”

She has a unique perspective and skill set that will bring life to your work. If you are in the Columbus area, or are looking for a creativity coach to work with via email and Skype, I think you’ll enjoy getting to know Belinda.

Check out her website: My Rite of Passage

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