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Friendly Friday and 100 Blog Posts

This marks my 100th post to Stories I Read, Stories I tell.

A nice little milestone. Thanks to those of you who stop in and check out my mildly entertaining ramblings from time to time. I really do appreciate it.

It’s Friday, and time to be friendly, once again.

I want to take a minute to congratulate one of my instructors in the Queens University MFA program, Jonathan Dee.

I worked with Jonathan my first semester at Queens. I was working on a novel for most of the semester, and I kept submitting chapters that had many of the same problems month-to-month, but Jonathan was patient and kind and offered some good advice that I have, in recent edits, utilized to make the book better. I am glad I had a chance to work with him.

After a semester with me, Jonathan went on to publish The Privileges. (Hopefully some readers stop there, and believe I had something to do with it. I did not.) The book was short-listed for the Pulitzer and was the winner (this past week) of the St. Francis College Literary Prize. So congrats to Jonathan!

(Here’s a link to the Amazon page for Jonathan Dee’s books.)

Thanks, everyone, for another great week. I hope you are writing, and enjoying it. Have a great weekend!

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