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End of Summer: Back to Basics

Summer is tough for me.

I write at home, and our current home is a small apartment where my office space is sitting right in the middle of everything. You can’t walk from one room to any other room in the apartment without passing by my desk. The kitchen is RIGHT THERE. The living room is RIGHT THERE. The piano is behind me. The TV looms in my peripheral. I can hear either toilet flush or either shower running.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m really happy to have my desk and files all handy. The set-up, all things considered, is optimal for our living situation.

But, in the summer, when my school-teacher wife is attempting to enjoy her well-earned time off, there is very little consistency in my writing life.

Over the last two years I’ve become accustomed, when school is in session, to my writing rhythm and an at least semi-consistent writing life. This summer, I struggled to find time to write, but also to find the right creative mind space to progress with the long laundry list of writing projects and potential projects. My blogging has been sporadic and inconsistent. I’ve lost my momentum, my rhythm, my progress.

The teachers reported back to school today. I’m not glad the school year is starting, in one way. But when it comes to re-establishing my writing rhythm, I have to admit I’m kind of excited to be planning out my week, setting aside the time dedicated to writing, and diving back in. The email is going to be turned off and the phone silenced. In just a few minutes, I will open my Scrivener document and begin to be present for my writing.

The real writing will come, if I’m present, if I’m dedicated.

If I’m HERE.

That’s the most basic part of writing: be here. Write. Do it.

I’m here. I’m doing it.

We can talk again when I’m done.

Have a great week, folks. Happy writing.

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