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Wednesday Morning: Online Fiction

Instead of just posting ONE story to read online (which will likely be what I do, most Wednesday mornings) I thought I would start with posting a whole site: The short fiction section at a website called East of the Web. What caught my eye, here, is the treatment of each story as a sort of mini-book…each with a cover and synopsis, ready to be perused and read. As we move deeper into a digital age, it seems to me that THIS will be the direction short fiction takes, even within a collection of stories, be it an anthology or a single author’s collection. I can imagine opening Alice Munro’s latest collection on my iPad, presented with a menu of individual “covers” and brief descriptions awaiting the tap of my finger.

In addition to the interesting visual effect, there are a LOT of stories here to choose from. If you find one you are particularly drawn to, please share in the comment section below!

Happy Wednesday, all.

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