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Tuesday: Unblocker #8

Today’s Unblocker isn’t necessarily related to any writing project you are currently working on. Instead, this is designed more to be a true “get away” from a case of writer’s block; it’s a way to jar you loose and get your pen (or fingers, if you type up an exercise like this one) moving.

Unblocker #8: Writing the Other – Write two to four pages about an argument you had with another person, but tell the story from HIS (or her) point of view. Write in the third-person POV, but do so from the view point of the other person. How did that person experience the argument? How did they see YOU and the words that YOU said? Don’t make that person WRONG (even if they were) in this narration. The purpose of this is to tap into that person’s feelings, thoughts, actions as if YOU were in their shoes. For added fun, let the story run away, a bit, and turn yourself into a down-right villain!! (I mean, we’re writing fiction, here, not a news article…)

This exercise is adapted from an early edition of Josip Novakovich’s book, Fiction Writer’s Workshop. I’m assuming something very similar is included in the 2008 edition.

Have a great day, and Happy Writing!

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