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Tuesday: Unblocker #10 – Doing the Undone

This Unblocker is a writing prompt you’ll come across in any number of books and workshops, in one form or another. You can use this one to not only jump-start your writing, use it as a reminder that life is short, and you should try to do the things you’ve “always wanted to do” when ever you get a chance!

Exercise: Make a list of five things you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done yet. Maybe some things you can’t afford, some things you are afraid to try, some things you think you can’t do until you are older/retire/kids leave the house/etc. The reasons that you haven’t done these five things don’t really matter. The reasons may or may not play out in your writing. After you’ve listed five things you’ve always wanted to do, write one paragraph for each one that imagines some way in which you would suddenly be doing that “undone” thing TOMORROW. Then, after you have five paragraphs of anticipation, pick ONE of the “undone” things and write a couple pages in which “you,” as the first person narrator, are actually experiencing the event.

Don’t forget, you can always share something you’ve written in these unblocked exercises…we’d love to see some!!!

Keep an eye out for Thursday…Unblocker #11 is going to be a little different…

Until then, Happy Writing!!

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