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The MFA Process, In Chronological Order

Belinda Nicoll (center) is a Queen's University of Charlotte, MFA graduate. She is writing a serialized account of her MFA experience and sharing it on her blog. Here, Belinda is pictured with our friend and fellow writer, Jon Nappa (right). That other guy is me.

I’ve written a bit about my own MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) experience–which you can read by looking for the MFA tag on old posts–but it has been mostly anecdotal; I’ve never attempted to “go back to the beginning” and write a chronological account of the MFA years.

My friend and fellow Queens University MFA grad, Belinda Nicoll, has. On her blog, My Rite of Passage, Belinda is writing a serialized, chronological recap of her MFA experience.

Since I get a number of visitors to this blog every week who are looking specifically for information on the MFA life, I thought I’d make sure you all knew about Belinda’s blog.

Be sure to subscribe to Belinda’s blog updates so you can keep up with her ongoing recounting of her MFA experience.

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