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Sleepy Saturday Reads

I realize I’ve had several new followers/readers of this blog, lately. Not only do I appreciate you stopping by, reading, and liking my posts, I am thankful that every month more and more of you come along for the ride.

It’s a sleepy Saturday here. We have this thing in the Sunshine State, called the Rainy Season. It’s nothing compared to, you know, mid-west winters or anything, but when you’ve become semi-addicted to almost-constant sunshine, these gray, drizzly ones tip you into something like seasonal affective disorder.

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but I thought–with so many new folks looking in–I would share some of my short fiction with you. Maybe you need something to read while you nod off on the couch, or maybe the sun is shining over your beach this afternoon. Either way, here are a few of the stories I’ve written that are available to read online.

(Ordered, most recent to older…)

  1. Most Dead Birds are Never Found

  2. Dudley’s Sacrifice

  3. Solomon’s Ditch

  4. Cop-Cop Cop

  5. Things He Wasn’t Supposed to Do (undergrad story…read with caution!!)

You can also find links to these stories on my website.

Thanks for reading!!

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