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New Plains Review Publishes My Story, Perhaps You Should Visit Some Day

I don’t have my copy of the Spring 2013 issue of New Plains Review in my hands just yet (and their website doesn’t reflect the publication of the new issue, as of this writing). I’ve been going to the mail box daily, hoping that TODAY IS THE DAY, and I’ve convinced myself the mail(wo)man has absconded with the magazine in order to read my words.

So, I haven’t actually SEEN it yet, but, I do know it is available online, at Amazon, for $10.

And, I double-checked the table of contents to be sure my name was really there. (It was.)

So, it is official that my story, Perhaps You Should Visit Some Day, has made its way out into the world. (It starts on page 90.)

Best of luck, old friend! I hope you find friendly hands to hold you, kind eyes to gaze upon you, and warm hearts to tarry in for just a little while after the pages are closed.

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