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Saturday Supplemental: Cheap eBooks

Hey, a rare Saturday morning post, here, but I wanted to share some info. If you have an iPad, the iBook store has some good eBooks on sale for $3.99 or less.

Because they are iBook books, I don’t have an affiliate relationship and don’t get any kickbacks, so don’t think I’m profiteering!!! (With this business model, I WILL need a bailout at some point, though…)

Here are some of the titles on sale:

  1. Shopgirl – Steve Martin

  2. The Monsters of Templeton – Lauren Groff

  3. Wicked – Gregory Maguire

  4. The Model Millionaire – Oscar Wilde

  5. The Weight of Heaven – Thrity Umrigar

  6. Light of Day – Jamie M. Saul

  7. and books by Sara Poole, Gill McNeil, Sophie Kinsella, Oscar Casares, Brunonia Barry, Katrina Kittle, and others.

In non-fiction there are books by Julie Andrews, Michael J. Fox, Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton, Richard Carlson, Michael Greenberg, Kerry Cohen and more…if you utilize iOS (Apple) devices, this is a good sale. Pick up a couple books at the iBook store and get to reading!


And, just as I was publishing this list, Amazon sent me info on their eBooks for $3.99 or less…follow this link to see that list. (Yes, I do get a penny or two if you buy an ebook from Amazon.) There are a few overlapping titles between the two lists, and there are four pages worth of $3.99 books at Amazon that can be read from your Kindle or any Apple or Android device running a Kindle app.

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