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Robert Gottlieb, The Paris Review, and YOU

The Paris Review Interviews, collected in four volumes, is a great read for writers, editors, and literature enthusiasts.

After I finished reading the interview with editor Robert Gottlieb, I simply had to share it. In this interview, not only does Gottlieb–a long-time editor at Knopf, Simon & Schuster, and others–give insight into his role as an editor, the interview is sprinkled with input from some of the writers Gottlieb edited. Included in this list of authors who weigh in with their viewpoint: Doris Lessing, John le Carre, Cynthia Ozick, Michael Crichton, Chaim Potok, Toni Morrison, and more.

The interview gives an amazing, behind the scenes look at the inter-play between editor and writer, while also laying out the methods behind Gottlieb’s editorial process.

I highly recommend reading this interview. You can find on The Paris Review’s website (along with hundreds of literary-related interviews).

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