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Reader Interaction Requested

Ok, so I’ve spent some time this week pondering this blog and various other ways I interact with you via social media. (For instance, I’m active on Twitter and have a Facebook page, if you haven’t already noticed.)

I post about a lot of things: the craft of writing fiction, my writing processes, my MFA and post-MFA experiences, social media and platform building, books I’ve read, music or other things that inspire me, projects and publications my writer friends are involved in,etc.

What I would like to know is this: What do YOU, the reader, get from this blog? What type (or, types) of posts do you find useful, inspiring, or otherwise helpful in some way? What do you wish there was MORE of, and what could you do with LESS of? Do you like the frequency of my blog (3-5 times a week, typically) or do you wish it was published more or less often? What is missing?

I’d love to hear some ideas about what resonates with you and what you skip over or could care less about. You can email me or just put some thoughts in the comments section below. (Or, if you are a part of the Words Matter Facebook group, we can chat about it there, too.)

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