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Inexpensive Music and Books for September

I always look forward to the start of a new month, because Amazon turns over their lineup of deeply discounted mp3 music and Kindle-based ebooks.

If I’m honest, I wait and buy most music this way now, and it is starting to be a larger portion of my book buying.

So, let me share a couple of suggestions with you for September:


The first two are great albums on sale for $5.99…but they aren’t a part of the regular, monthly $5 sale, so I’m not sure how long they’ll be offered at this reduced price:

Here are the top picks for September in the $5 bin:

Also selections from John Mayer, Carrie Underwood, No Doubt, Feist, and others…scroll through the list of 100.

The best thing about digital music is that you can listen to selections before making your purchase, so swing in and listen to some songs from these albums.


I do check the “Top Paid” and “Top Free” lists at Amazon’s Kindle store on a regular basis and I’ll occasionally run across something I’ve either missed seeing or at a “can’t resist” price.

As with the music, I also find myself downloading the sample pages from books more and more these days, and giving them a perusal before making up my mind to buy. Here’s a current list of the $3.99 (or LESS) books. Below, I’ve listed a few highlights.

  1. Michael Connelly – Black Ice (Back in the day, when I read crime novels on a more regular basis, Connelly was my favorite…)

  2. Kurt Vonnegut – Mother Night (I only picked one, but there are SEVERAL Vonnegut books in this series for $3.99, just check the links on the page for Mother Night.)

  3. Thomas Kessner – The Flight of the Century (As a fiction writer, I read non-fiction to spark new creative flow…Lindbergh seems a good source…)

  4. Shuan Morey – Wahoo Rhapsody (Sounds like a fun read, and for $1.99 I bought it…Here’s hoping!!)

  5. There is a biography of Ghandi by Eknath Easwaran for $3.99 and the “Words of Martin Luther King, JR” for $1.99.

Also, you can download Gandhi’s autobiography, the five-volume Life of George Washington, and all seven volumes of Abraham Lincoln’s writings for less than a dollar each.

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