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Book Blurbs, That Aren’t – A Friday Funny

The last few weeks I’ve seen a really encouraging growth of blog traffic. That’s really nice.

Along with higher traffic comes more frequent “spam” comments. So far, the WordPress built-in spam catcher has done a nice job of keeping the comments out of the public eye. (I have it set so that any first-time commenter has to be approved by me.) The comments that are identified as “likely spam” end up in a spam folder, and I check them from time to time, just to be sure some legitimate comment didn’t get accidentally labeled. (It’s only ever happened once, on this blog, but I figure better safe than sorry.)

I don’t know why, but this week I started getting a series of spam comments that encourage me to “Learn a Fake Australian Accent” or “Understand any Australian Accent.” There were ten variations on this theme.

I’m not sure what prompted this wave of Aussie-centric spam. But here are a few of the funnier lines of computer generated (obviously) text.

Say What?

We nowadays planned to show you precisely how a lot this lover plus that i recognize every you will have spoken about to help boost the appeal of this existence in people from this theme.
It happens to be truly a honor in your decent job.
From your content articles, We’ve departed away from simply just a particular inexperienced to the seasoned in the area.
Extremely don’t often should i confront your web blog that is definitely either educative together with fun.
Only desire to explain to you that there is arrive at a claw in the scalp.
A person’s assumed is actually fabulous.
Want to inform you that you have got attack the actual nail plate within the venture.

Make any sense to you?

Book Blurb-worthy

I did come across a couple of these comments that might be worthy to blurb on a future book cover or list in my website’s “What Other People Are Saying” section:

you to add to the significance of the existence for consumers through this style
your article is actually awesome not to mention we could guess you will be a professional on this matter.
Need to declare We are astounded.
a fabulous webpage that may be together educative and also engaging
there is success in the actual toenail to the top of your head

That last one may be my favorite.

I hope you’ve all had a great week. Thanks again for your support, encouragement, questions, and comments. Have a great weekend, and HAPPY WRITING!

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