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It’s been a while…How have you been?

There are all sorts of seasons in life: A time to mourn, a time for joy. A time to sow, a time to reap. A time to blog, a time to refrain from blogging.

Over the last few weeks there have been several circumstances which have limited my blogging time, but the hard truth is, I just wasn’t interested in blogging, for a while.

One reason: We were moving. During the last few weeks of school. While my wife was involved, not only in finishing up the school year filled with standardized tests and end of course exams, but in an important project of her own. I spent a lot of time boxing and organizing and, eventually, moving our things, while also finishing up one round of writing classes and preparing to teach another. On just that front, I could be excused for not devoting the time it takes to park myself in front of the computer to bang out a blog post or three.

The more important reason: I was out of gas. Creatively, things just were not happening on a grand scale, and what little work product I was able to squeeze out of myself, I poured into my other writing and revising.

You see, I blog because I am a writer. I don’t write in addition to my blogging. I blog because I am a teacher. I don’t teach to supplement my blog activity. There are priorities. Sometimes we have to be sensitive to those things.

So, the blog was closed for a while. Not gone. Passersby could still stop in and peer through the windows and even leave a message for the

absent proprietor. There just weren’t any new displays to adorn the storefront windows. No new jingles to catch the skeptical ear. No Memorial Day discounts to entice reluctant feet to cross the threshold.

But to every thing, there is a season. The last week or so, I’ve begun to identify things I want to share with those of you who read this blog space. Thanks for sticking around, and I hope you find something useful in the coming days and weeks.

I’ve missed hearing from some of you. I hope you’ve not gone too far afield!!

Happy writing,


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