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Blog Supplemental: What I’ve Learned About G+ That Surprised Me

Here’s the thing…there aren’t a lot of people active on G+ yet, so what I’m about to say is, possibly, something I’ll take back later. But here it goes.

The single biggest psychological draw, for me, to Google’s own social networking site, was the concept of circles.


I don’t use them.

When I first heard about G+ the circles were the thing that intrigued me. I’ve often found myself WISHING Facebook friending and sharing would act more like the way Circles in G+ are designed to act. There are times, I told myself, when I’d like to segregate my posts. Some friends I have from my childhood in Ohio might want to know something that none of my other friends would be interested in. (That happened recently, when I posted a link to a video walk through of my old elementary school, for example.) Or, maybe my friends who share similar tastes in music might be interested in something my grand father’s sister in Tennessee wouldn’t find interesting. Etc.

Circles were designed to allow ME to broadcast information to a select group of my online friends.

I haven’t used it once.

I’m as surprised by that as I am about anything else related to the fledgling G+. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience?


I’ve blogged about G+ two times (G+ Why I’m Giving it a Shot & G+ For Writers Pt. 2) and I’ve been contemplating trying to add a bit more social networking content to the blog, since that seems to be an area other writers ask me about. So, with this post I’m adding a new category to the blog: Social Media.

If you look in the “blog highlights” section (listed with the other section tabs, above) you’ll find all of my posts broken down into categories. If you find that sort of thing helpful.

Thanks for reading, and happy writing!

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Annie L
Annie L
29 mag 2022

Heello mate nice post

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