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Photo Inspiration: Up, Up, and Around

Another chance to showcase a lovely photograph, and perhaps inspire you into a new story, a new scene, a new scenario for your fictional worlds.

Today’s selection is a photo from Shane Blake, who also contributed the wonderful Waffle House photo from last month.

I selected this photo for today’s Unblocker, for several reasons. First, I love the color and the subtle gradations between the pinks and purples, the yellow lights along the wheel’s struts. Second, I love the geometric angles and curves in contrast to the cloudy softness of the background. And then, there’s the head, the single visible passenger. He (she?) surely has a story to tell.

Thanks, again, to Shane. You can see more of his photography examples at his website.

Ferris Wheel at Sunset. Photo by Shane Blake.

You can get other inspiration for your writing from the prompts featured in my Unblocker series of posts.

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