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Choose Your Font Wisely

As you can see, based on the story linked here, there is now a computer printing font that is made up of cats, cleverly arranged to mimic letters. 

Here’s a pro-writer tip: The all-cat font is not an appropriate choice for your manuscript submissions.

(Yes, I’m being a little silly…)

But, it does serve as a good reminder: Writers should stick to the tried and true, easy to read fonts when sharing their work. I suggest this not only because novelty fonts are tedious to read, but because we want to be ready when the work is refined enough to submit. I write using a standard format and font, so that the moment I feel the piece can withstand the scrutiny of a reader, it is ready to go.

I know some of my writing students are in love with Comic Sans, and I don’t make a big deal out of it, when manuscripts are sent to me with a difficult-to-read font. But, rest assured: Other editors and agents and the like won’t find the humor in receiving a manuscript full of prone felines.

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