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Allow This Photo to Inspire Your Writing – Mask

Another Thursday, another photograph to inspire your writing. I found the lovely colors and texture of this photo of a Mardi Gras-style mask to be compelling.

A beautifully textured mask, green on a red back ground. Photo by Lauren Dahlhauser.

If you are stuck with a story or character, try working this mask into your story. (Sometimes, giving a known character or setting a completely illogical item can shake free some unusual, but interesting, things.)

If you want to write about something new, imagine where you found this mask and who wore it. For what occasion?

Thanks again to photo-friend, Lauren, for this lovely inspiration. You can view Lauren’s photos at her 365Project Photography page, and if you are in the midwest (Indiana specifically) she might just be convinced to take some photos of (or for) you!

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