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Unblocker #14: I’m sorry, but…

Wow. Unblocker #13, the Waffle House photo prompt, was a big hit. Thanks! I’d love to read some of the stories inspired by that photo, if anyone wants to share…

That brings us to today’s prompt, adapted from the book, Now Write!

Unblocker #14: I’m sorry, but…

Write a scene where one character apologizes to another character. With the “but” this character justifies his/her actions, and draws out all of the circumstances surrounding the situation which requires an apology. Try this two ways: First, as a long monologue where the speaking character spills out the full story in a sort-of rambling stream of consciousness rant, and, second, as an actual argument between two characters, with accusations and maybe even physical blows!!! Go crazy. It’s fiction.

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