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Tuesday Morning: Unblocker #4

After a holiday weekend, most of us probably have plenty of writer’s inspiration: time spent with family, time spent with friends who enjoy too many adult beverages, time with people who probably SHOULDN’T be anywhere near fireworks but have a pickup truck full of them…it’s all rich writer’s ground.

But, just in case you are looking for something to give you a jump start this week, here is Unblocker #4, for your consideration…

Unblocker #4 Write a scene featuring two of your established characters which begins with the following line: “What’s it like,” he asked her, “being the kind of girl that every guy watches when she comes into a room?”

Mix it up: Don’t have two established characters you are working with right now? Make one or the other of these characters YOURS and add in a new one. Change the tense: “What’s it like,” he asks her…and make it more immediate. Instead of a scene in something you are currently working on, make this a whole different story, and let it have its own life.

Happy writing everyone!

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