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Thursday post: Unblocker #9

The week is winding down, and here we are again, with another Unblocker to help you break out of a writing slump. This unblocker is all about setting.

This exercise isn’t too long, but you can do it more than once, or, take what you write and add some, you know, plot and characters and other story elements, and turn it into something a little more complete.

Unblocker #9 – Places You Go. Think of the last public place you were that would be similar to a small town bakery, tire shop, hardware store, flower shop, etc. Make it somewhere that isn’t a big-chain store, unless there is something really different about your local Dunkin Donuts. In four or five paragraphs, describe the store using all five senses. Don’t focus too much on just what you see, but weave in descriptions that include the sounds, the smells, the texture, the taste of the place. (If you can smell it, you can taste it! HA!)

This exercise, like the one from Tuesday, is adapted from an early edition of Josip Novakovich’s book, Fiction Writer’s Workshop. I’m assuming something very similar is included in the 2008 edition.

Have a great day, and Happy Writing!

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