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Mid-September: And, We’re Back

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Hello! I wanted to share a few things with you, mid-September. (Where does the time go?) New literature and creative writing classes will begin soon. There are a few other tidbits I wanted to share.

I am posting this as both a blog post and as an email to those of you who have joined the email update list. (Thank you to both groups! I appreciate your continued support.)

SRQ Magazine Feature

Author and teacher Eric Sheridan Wyatt, from a photoshoot with SRQ magazine, writing in the forest.
I had a fun photo shoot with a local magazine!

First, I wanted to share a recent magazine article that featured something I’ve not shared in a magazine article before: me.

If you read SRQ Magazine, which focuses on Sarasota and Florida’s Gulf Coast, you may have seen a familiar face. Editor Aviel Kanter interviewed me and asked for some tips for writers. Photographer Wyatt Kostygan set up a writer’s office for a forest photo op.

You can see the online version here ( or pick up a print copy at newsstands.

If you’re so inclined, feel free to email the magazine and tell them you liked that story.

Creative Writing Classes

Next, I did change the date of the upcoming “Eric Sheridan Wyatt Writes a Story” seminar. I moved it one week, to October 10, which I realize is Columbus Day. Most of us don’t have big family cookouts or beach days planned for Columbus Day, but if this change precludes you from attending, I apologize. I have some family business to attend to.

The registration deadline for several literature and creative writing classes is coming up. This includes: the Artist’s Way, Reading as a Writer (Alain de Botton), and the class mentioned above where I take you through the entire process of writing a short story, from initial idea through publication by a national literary magazine. If you are interested in these classes (or any of the other upcoming events) please take a few minutes to register.

Full list with links to each course: <expired link>

The PDF flyer you can use to help spread the word about these literature and creative writing classes is here: <expired link> (Please copy, email, print, or otherwise pass it along!)

Other Services

Third, in order to continue to be available to offer writing services, I need to have clients. Yes, that’s a little blunt, but that’s the cold, harsh reality of my financial situation. I absolutely love teaching writing and literature courses. I am honored to help other writers refine, shape, improve, and publish their writing. These are the things I am gifted at doing—the things I feel most alive while doing. But I don’t have enough volume to sustain this at the current levels.

If you know anyone who might benefit from editing, critique, content development, creativity coaching and accountability, or guided publishing, I hope you’ll encourage them to contact me. My website is undergoing a minor facelift, but I am still open for business. And I’m always available via email.

New Content

Finally, it has been almost a year since I last published a new podcast episode or blog post. It’s been a year full of changes. I’m grateful to still be here, still in contact with so many wonderful writers, would-be writers, and creative souls.

I am currently planning to resume producing new content for both the blog and podcast (as well as expanding the content to video). If time and opportunity present themselves, perhaps some additional educational content will be forthcoming. If you have any ideas for topics, questions that are still burning, or other things you think might be helpful to a larger creative community, I would love to hear from you.

There’s more to come. Stay tuned. Until then, Happy writing!

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