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Marni Mann’s Books Now in Young Adult Editions

Fellow Florida writer, friend, and all-around great gal, Marni Mann made a big splash with her two novels about addiction: Memoirs Aren’t Fairytales and Scars from a Memoir.

Marni’s publisher has now released Young Adult versions of the novels which retain the gritty reality of the books while downplaying some of the more “adult” situations the main character, Nicole, finds herself in. The link above will take you to Marni’s website where she has links to both print and electronic versions of the book.

Here’s a link to Marni Mann’s Amazon Author Page, for more details. 

Also, if you didn’t read them the first time around, there are a couple of good Marni Mann resources right here on the Stories I Read, Stories I tell blog:

  1. My interview with Marni about the publication of her second (followup) book, Scars From a Memoir.

  2. A guest post Marni wrote about the opportunities that opened up for her after the publication of the first book, Memoirs Aren’t Fairytales.

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