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A Little Shameless Self Promotion

This blog is not typically a “product” blog. I don’t endlessly sell items, though I do try to promote my own work and the writing of others from time to time.

This is a little bit of a departure. Not much, but a little.

There are a couple of events coming up for which you may find yourself looking for a gift.

Mother’s Day

I’m not selling flowers, cosmetics, or gift cards, but I got to thinking: Some of you may have someone in your life (a mother, aunt, grandmother, etc) who you have encouraged, over the years, to write some of her personal history. For over a year now I’ve been teaching Legacy of Words writing classes here in the Bradenton and Sarasota area. A Legacy of Words writing class is a great way for people to “get started” in the process, but some people either don’t live nearby, or they don’t want to participate in a formal, class environment. Earlier this year I developed my Legacy of Words Workbook to be used by would-be Legacy writers. It’s a good introduction and starting point to help someone get a start on their own efforts to leave a written legacy. And, Mother’s Day might just be the perfect excuse to give someone a copy of this workbook.

(For those unfamiliar: Legacy Writing is a literary form that draws on several other literary traditions: genealogy, auto-biography, family history, and memoir. Leaving a Legacy of Words is one way we can leave behind a piece of our story to children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, and friends. This workbook is designed to help the individual, would-be Legacy writer, as well as to be used as a resource for my classroom series: Your Legacy of Words.)

The workbook (professionally bound paperback, with lots of writing prompts and space to write) cost is $15.00. You can learn a little more about the workbook at my website. Or, you can order it here, and have it delivered to your door, or shipped practically anywhere. (The product page also includes a preview of the book…)


Sometimes an unassuming project takes on its own life. It isn’t that I thought of the Letters to Me project as something unimportant, but I will admit that it wasn’t something I thought of as “life-changing”. The editor of the project, Dan Schmidt contacted me and offered to include my take on the concept of “a conversation with a younger you.” It sounded interesting enough, and it is always nice to have someone seek out my writing. I’ve been involved in some other anthologies/collections, and I was happy to be a part of this one, as well. I purchased a dozen copies and shared them with some of my favorite young folks and people who regularly work with college-aged students. It was a good experience.

But recently I stopped by the Amazon page for Letters to Me and read through the reviews. I was very happy to see how well-received this collection of essays has been, and very proud to have some little part of that.

Head over to the Amazon page and read some of the reader response, and if you have someone in your life who is graduating, Letters to Me offers stories filled with compassion, insight, and humor from a variety of writers who know something about new horizons.

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